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Lunch Attire

  • Dress denim (hemmed denim not torn or frayed), tennis and golf attire are acceptable. ·

  • Fitness attire, bathing suits and cover- ups are not acceptable for dining within the Clubhouse.

Dinner Attire


  • Acceptable attire includes shirts with sleeves and collars. Shirts without collars, slacks, shorts and dress denim must be tailored. ·
  • Hats must be removed when dining inside the Club House.


  • Acceptable attire includes dress denim, tailor slacks, skirts, dresses and shorts. ·
  • Blouses without straps, tube or spandex tops that expose the midriff are not permitted.

Beach Club Pool Deck & Dining

Inside Dining:

  • Inside dining requires members and their guests to be dry and wear shoes. ·
  • Casual wear including dress denim, fitness, golf, and tennis apparel and club casual are welcomed.
  • Hats must be removed when inside the Dining Room.
  • Outside Table & Bar Service ·
  • Outside table and bar service requires diners to wear shirts, cover ups, and shoes while at the table.